Tapeworms: Pet Parasites!

One of the more common health risks for your pet is tapeworm. Like other parasites, tapeworms depend on a "host" (your pet) in order to survive.

Barnyard cats and dogs or hunting dogs are especially susceptible to tapeworms due to the amount of time spent in the wild. Two possible sources of tapeworms are fleas and rats. If your pet is infested with fleas or eats an infected animal such as a rat, he himself can become infected. The worms enter the bowel where they feed, grow, and produce eggs.

The tapeworm can adversely affect your pet's health. He may slowly begin losing weight or may suffer from diarrhea. Be on the lookout for segments of tapeworm in the stool or what looks like a grain of rice on the hair near the rectum.

If you suspect your pet is suffering from tapeworm infestation, call the office right away. There are medications that we can give that will help to rid your pet of tapeworms and. keep it happy and healthy.