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Online news Letters

Throughout the years,, we have sent out news letters. Although some of the articles are only of fleeting interest based on the time. Others transcend the past and are still applicable today. Below you will find an index with various articles listed. Simply click on a link to take you to that article.

We hope you find the articles both interesting and informative.



  1. Blackleg Kills
  2. Why Dental Care
  3. People Drugs - Not For Pets
  4. Tapeworms: Pet Parasites
  5. Head Fleas off at the Pass
  6. Caring for Horse Wounds
  7. Transporting Pets Safely
  8. Computer I.D.s for Animal Research Clinics
  9. Fall Grooming
  10. Myth and Fact About Dog Worms
  11. Managing (culling) your Cattle Herd