Head fleas off at the pass

Fleas can be a problem to both you your pet. There are many ways to control fleas as well as steps you can take to rid your pet and its environment of these pests. Fleas are an environmental problem; if your pet has fleas most of them are in your yard/home and only about 5 % will be on your pet.

To rid your dog of fleas, it is important to break the flea's life cycle by making our home an unfriendly environment for fleas.

What to do? Start early - most effective flea control programs are based on breaking the life cycle. It's much easier to stop the cycle before it gets out of hand! A control program is needed on pets, in the house and in the yard at the same time. It is difficult to try to control fleas on your pet if you don't properly treat the environment it lives in at the same time.

For your pet the first step is to bathe all of your dogs and cats. Apply a 30 day product like Frontline or the tablet Comforties and use it monthly throughout the year. Bomb your home, vacuum and throwaway the vacuum cleaner bag. Use an approved lawn and kennel spray to rid your lawn/house of fleas. Because of the lifecycle,a flea infestation takes up to 90 days to get the problem under control. Remember, you do not need to lose the battle with fleas this summer.