Transporting Pets Safely

Summer is a great time for traveling but your pet may not enjoy it as much as you do. If you find you must travel with your animal friend, keep a few things in mind. Animals not accustomed to riding in a vehicle should be confined. They will feel safer in a crate or a sturdy box. Include their blanket or something from home to comfort them.

Remember that animals will need frequent water and toileting breaks. Keep your dog on a leash since s/he may be frightened or confused or excited at a new place (also other places' sometimes have stricter leash laws).

Do not leave your pet in a closed vehicle. Even cars with the windows cracked can get quite hot so roll down the windows and restrain your pet as needed.

Trips to the vet can also be hazardous to pets who do not travel often. Cats usually do not like to ride and, if not confined can prove dangerous to drivers if they panic. They have also been known to hide in the car and dash out once the door is opened. One cat owner lost their cat when this happened in our parking lot.

Cat carriers that are cardboard are available at the clinics and they are quite inexpensive. Discount and pet stores also carry more rugged airline type pet carriers as well.

For those who want to restrain a dog without the expense of a large carrier, a harness is available that allows a seat belt to hook through it, securing the dog just as a human is secured.