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Pet Grooming Products

For your convenience, we have many pet/animal products for sale.

Science diet is the non prescription pet food that is reccommended by veterinarians. This pet food is better for your pet than generic discount foods and does not have the tendency to cause health problems in your pet, such as stones in cat's bladders and such.

The Prescription Diet brand dog and cat food is specifically designed to correct some health problems in your pets. Problems such as diabeties, joint troubles (found in some species), urinary tract problems, weight control and more. The Prescription Diet foods are available for your cats and dogs mostly for adults and mature pets however some are available for pupoies and kittens as well.

We have milk supplements for cats, dogs and horses.

Additionally we have a full line of grooming supplies for all your animals. If we don't have it in stock, we can generally special order your grooming supplies. Our leashes and collars are second to none. We sell LUPINE which has a replacement guarantee, even if it is chewed! Find that anywhere else.

We stock equine and large animal supplies as well as the medications you will need to treat your herds and keep them healthy.

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leashes and collars We offer a large assortment of leashes and collars
frontline Flea and tick control
dog leashes Dog Leashes and collars
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